"HUMAN QUANTUM FLOW" Series (Created 2021)




My lockdown experience, was an opportunity to stop absorbing surrounding frequencies, free to express my own. I started to imprint my intent on the universe, therefore, clearing my subconscious of fear and other negative thoughts, replaced by positive, joyful and creative ones.

This collection of artworks reflects on my inner world, it is my way to express oneself, a key to unlock hidden knowledge.

Since March 2021, I have produced the "Human Quantum Flow" series from my studio, and acrylic seems the right medium to accomplish the task. I have always been passionate about geometry, structural forms, and aerial shapes, so it was logical for me to start the process with hard-edge geometric abstraction, defining clear blocks in the painting construction, therefore amplifying the impact on those who view my work. I have used a strong color palette that resonates consistently throughout the series, supporting the narrative, and aiming to lift the spirit of the viewer.

The main theme of this body of work relates to the infinite possibilities of the human spirit. How to transform distress into hope and beauty, through faith and determination of oneself! Discoveries coming to our knowledge, in quantum physics, are staggeringly mind-blowing, and if we grasp these understandings, we could become quantum warriors, and live in peace and harmony. We are experiencing exceptional times, and it is now that we can awaken as fully grown human beings, to pursuit the advancement of our species.

I hope those viewing my work will participate in the creative process, and perceive my paintings as portals that waits for their hearts to come through, to experience the purity of my intent.




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