This series of abstract geometric portraits are visual references of what I feel, geometry is the mystery revealed, through shapes and volumes.

These universal shapes are encrypted in our human soul, our collective consciousness.

My approach is more spiritual than intellectual, more philosophical than psychological, and I believe there is far too much inflated egos on earth, in those uncertain times!

I always start my process with raw sketches, then I investigate the various options with regard to creating the colour palette.

I am a believer of transcending pain and sorrow into beauty, creating positive visions to be shared.

I love the hard-edge technic, the meditative process that comes naturally through it, allowing me to create striking and unique abstract figure compositions, commanding the attention to those viewing my work.

These art pieces are my gift to the world, for future generations to bare witness, a "temoignage", the record of a memory, a vision of history and perhaps what it could be.

A Perspective for the mind, for the soul, for humanity...


If you would like to get more information on any particular piece, I am here to help, please do get in touch, and I will get back to you within 24h!

Please reach out prior to checkout, I will need your destination to provide the shipping cost, unless like in some case, you would prefer to organise it yourself!

(Some of the new pieces from "Shapes of the Soul" will be shipped from outside of the UK, please reach out, if interested!)